Supplies and Consumables

CTC New Century  provides the highest quality supplies and consumable products available for the Shipping and Distribution industry. We carry many common and custom label sizes in several media styles. If the item that you order is in stock, the product will ship the same day. Due to our company's commitment to service and quality, our products follow strict factory specifications for media. 

We understand that most companies want to portray an image of quality to their clients. For this reason alone, we will not sell sub-standard supplies. Quality and poor clarity is only noticed when the print on the label is light or blurred. A cheaper quality label can sometimes cause a barcode to be unreadable, resulting in a delayed or lost shipment. The few fractions of a cent saved per label actually end up costing your company dollars and customer dissatisfaction. 

Shipping/Carton Labels

We offer the following in-stock printing media:

Thermal Transfer

Direct Thermal

Near Infrared


For a quote on any of the above supplies please call:
Trisha Wysong

Recent carrier compliant changes.

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