CTC New Century's objective is to create harmonious, clear, organized, interconnected relationships of information. Headquartered in St. Louis Missouri, CTC New Century is one of a few companies in the United States to specialize in service and custom software integration for total transportation management. Ingenuity, creative strategies, and visionary thinking are ideals that we value. We are committed to helping companies become more productive through the creative use of technology. 


We know a clear vision gives strength and real direction to a company. Established in 1993, we have created a financially strong, stable foundation for controlled growth and long-term success. Core values help us maintain a clearly focused corporate vision.


Enthusiasm for creative problem solving distinguishes our company. We think in new ways to customize systems and envision technology changes to help our customers prepare for the future. We protect your investment by analyzing problems, simplifying solutions and correction deficiencies in cost-effective ways. We are driven by innovative engineering approaches. 


Nothing else is more important than the character of our company. Our clients know we are people of our word. We have loyal, trust-based relationships. Our staff is courteous, fair, honest, and maintains the integrity of our impeccable reputation. 


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