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St. Louis, Missouri, January 2005 – CTC New Century, Inc., a leading provider for integrated logistics solutions, announced that it has joined the Agile-Network. The Agile-Network is a conglomerate of individually owned companies specializing in providing solutions that streamline order fulfillment processes, reduce freight costs and improve customer service for manufacturers and distributors. With 22 offices covering most major U.S. markets, Agile-Network member companies can deliver solutions and support with consistency throughout the country for businesses with enterprises of national and even worldwide scope.


With offices in St. Louis and Kansas City Missouri, CTC New Century has acquired rights to represent the Agile-Network in these primary markets. The company will continue to sell to and support customers throughout the world.


Jim Donahue, president and CEO of New Century said, “Like many other companies in the technology industry, we have had to streamline operations substantially in order to outlast our competition and provide quality support to our valued customers. Becoming part of the Agile-Network will bring new product offerings, leveraged buying power, the best minds in the business, and limitless resources. These assets will allow us to expand our market share and provide a broader scope of solutions to our current and future customers”.


The executive director of Agile-Network said, “We are excited to have CTC New Century join the network. CTC New Century is a leader in the logistics industry and brings the quality and expertise to further strengthen the Agile Network. Their ability to creatively interconnect systems through the latest technologies is certainly part of the Agile Network future.”


As CTC New Century transitions to the Agile-Network business model and product branding, the company will be known as “Agile St. Louis and Agile Kansas City”.


About CTC New Century (d/b/a Agile St. Louis)

Established in 1993, CTC New Century has created a financially strong and stable foundation for controlled growth and long-term success. 


Their activities include sales of Supply Chain Logistic solutions and support, including repair, configuration, logistics and field service. CTC New Century takes pride in being able to offer their customers a premier service that is reliable, flexible and tailored to individual requirements and still on a cost effective basis.          


CTC New Century technical support members have an average of 15 years experience in maintaining a wide array of warehouse and shipping systems from the legacy systems to the latest integrated Composite and .net technologies.


In 2002 CTC New Century was presented with the distinguished Keeping America Strong award.  CTC New Century was featured as a leader in the logistics industry on the nationally televised program, Heartbeat of America, hosted by William Shatner. 


About Agile-Network

Headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri, the Agile-Network member companies help businesses become more efficient, effective, and competitive through the intelligent application of logistics and integration technology. The Agile-Network will facilitate the sharing of knowledge, resources, and best practices among its members to deliver the best solutions possible.

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