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New Century is a national service provider located in St. Louis, MO specializing in Integrated Warehouse Solutions.  New Century, a division of CTC founded in 1993, has grown over the last 13 years to become a shipping system provider specializing in multi-carrier solutions.


Our activities include Level 1, 2, & 3 support, including repair, configuration, logistics and field service.  We pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers a premier service that is reliable, flexible and tailored to individual requirements and still on a cost effective basis.       

New Century technical support members have an average of 15 years experience in maintaining a wide array of warehouse and shipping systems from the legacy systems to the latest integrated technologies.  


Minimizing shipping and labor costs are crucial in today's competitive market. In order to expand visibility, todays transportation solutions must do more than eliminate manual inefficiencies, they must extend beyond the walls of the shipping department empowering businesses with the ability to rate, route, and track. 



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CTC New Century               appears on a National     TV News series...


"Keeping America Strong", a national television show, selects companies that are  leaders in their industry and airs that company's story. With world economic setbacks that followed the events of September 11th, our company was honored in the series "Keeping America Strong" as a leader in the logistics industry. William Shatner and other famous network news anchors presented our company's story on national television. Although  not everyone could see the show, "Keeping America Strong", we have posted an edited version on our web site . If you would like a complimentary full 30-minute CD version, please call or click on "Contact Us" and request one to be sent. Click on the link below and enjoy the show.

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